From My Patients


    Working with Dr. Evans has been truly life changing for me. After I finished my collegiate athlete career, I found myself steadily gaining weight even though I was working out regularly and eating "healthy." The catch? I thought I was eating healthy, when in reality, Dr. Evans helped me realize that I wasn't fueling my body the right way and actually, starving myself of key nutrients and hindering weight loss. After working with her, my outlook on healthy eating and living habits have completely changed.

    I don't feel like I'm on a diet or even depriving myself of foods – I truly enjoy every meal that I have and don't crave unhealthy foods like I used to. It's become really fun for me to plan my meals to give my body the nutrients it needs. This is the first time in my life that I’ve lost weight and kept it off and I've never felt healthier! I have more energy, can push myself harder when I work out, and I'm sleeping much better. Dr. Evans continues to be positive and supportive throughout my weight loss journey and she is always responsive if I have any questions. I am so thankful that I took the step to work with her because I can't imagine living any other way. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Evans!

    Julia Bowling - Richmond, VA





    I really appreciate all your help and guidance over the past year. Although my primary care physician was happy with my numbers, I felt terrible. I had brain fog, low energy, poor sleep and just felt bad most of the time. You taught me how to fuel my body properly and added a few supplements to augment my overall health. After following your advice for only 6 months all my numbers are much better, including my body fat percentage and my skeletal muscle density. The numbers matter, but not as much as how I feel. I sleep great, no more brain fog and have awesome workouts. My family has noticed a difference too! I wish I had met you years ago. Thank you for your positivity and support.

    Cory McCann, Controller





    I started working with Dr. Evans after being vegan for about six months. I was dealing with the constant side effects from lacking significant nutrients in my diet, including fatigue (daily naps), brain fog, and headaches. I didn't know where to start. When I met with Dr. Evans, I realized I was not as educated as I thought about what vegans need. Besides Dr. Evans assisting me with meal planning, her encouragement to get a blood test was eye-opening. I was told I had deficiencies in both B12 and D3. I had no idea! Her recommendations for supplements, foods, and meals that I now incorporate every day have changed my life. I not only feel much better, I am more energetic and have been able to be more productive with my academics. I think the most beneficial aspect of meeting with Dr. Evans is how knowledgeable she is when discussing veganism, as she practices veganism herself. Learning from a professional who fully understands the vegan lifestyle adds additional benefits. None of my friends nor family are vegan, so it's nice to get excited about food and share recipes with someone who practices veganism too!

    Caroline Gaenzle, UVA ‘21



     All I can say is a big Thank You! During your talk here you mentioned a specific test for Vitamin B12 deficiency. My mother-in-law was having many of the symptoms that you referenced. We took her to her doctor. We had the experience with her doctor you thought we might, as he did not really want to perform the test but I had my husband insist, and noted that we would pay for it. So he reluctantly ordered the test (we are in the process of her changing doctors now). When he got the results back they indicated my mother in law was deficient in B12. The doctor said, “Well, I guess it was good you had me run that test but I do not think it has anything to do with what is going on with her.” He did give her a B12 shot and she is on schedule to get them every month. About a week later, she went to see a mental health practitioner (she was having some anxiety issues) who she said that she thinks a lot of her symptoms were due to the low B12. Since she has gotten the shot she is feeling so much better.
    I just wanted say thank you for all that you do for our employees and their families and for mine. We would have never known to ask for the test without you. Thank you again.

    Mary-Michael Rosling, Employee Benefits ManagerRCM&D, Towson, MD





    Dr. Evans is a great health-care advocate and she will be your biggest cheerleader! With me, not only did she take the time to best understand my nutritional needs -- and help me understand them as well -- she also had a sense of who I am and how best to help me. I can only imagine that she attends to all her patients in the same way. Anyone considering going to Dr. Evans should have no hesitation in contacting her. You will meet with someone who not only knows her stuff but also really cares.

    Christopher H. Macturk, President and Founding Attorney Evolution Divorce & Family Law, PLLC






    Last year my doctor told me if I couldn't improve my cholesterol numbers, I would have to start medication.  I did not want to do that, so I saw Dr. Evans.  Within 6 months, my numbers had improved so significantly that my doctor actually thought I had started the prescription he gave me!  I'm very happy with my results and I'm so glad I don't have to take cholesterol medication.  Changing my diet worked for me. Thank you, Dr. Evans. 

    Dr. P. Brad Zubowsky, DVM "Dr. Z"