From Health Professionals




    "When nothing else seems to be working, I ask my patients to see Dr. Jan Evans.  Beyond her tremendous knowledge in the sciences of nutrition, biology, and biochemistry, she has a deeper understanding of the human spirit, and a unique ability to educate, motivate, and move people in directions that they did not think possible."

    Jeffrey M. Sicat, MD, FACE - Virginia Weight and Wellness







    "Dr. Evans possesses tremendous expertise in human nutrition down to the cellular/biochemical level. She, likewise, has a profound, clinically integrative, working knowledge of human cellular metabolism and exercise physiology. She is able to enlighten my patients by making this knowledge understandable and clinically relevant to them. And, in her charismatic manner, she provides the motivation so often required by many of my patients. She is an invaluable resource to me and my patients."

    Georganne Wells Long, MD, FACOG





     "I find that Dr. Evans is an excellent resource for my patients. She uses all of her professional training to achieve a nutritional lifestyle that is individualized and successful for my patients. She loves what she does and the positive focus is motivating for my patients."

    Katherine L Dec, M.D. Professor,
    Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Professor,
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.
    VCU Sports Medicine Clinic;
    VCU Neuroscience, Orthopedic and Wellness Center.






    I met Dr. Jan Evans 25 years ago when I was a student in her Principles of Nutrition class at the University of Richmond. I was concerned about my college eating habits so nutrition seemed like a useful elective course. By the end of the semester Dr. Evans had me "hooked on health" with her knowledge, her direct approach and her nurturing personality. With her guidance, I redirected my major to Health Sciences, and that decision has been monumental in my life plan. Back then, Dr. Evans had fewer credentials but her expertise, professionalism and passion were well known on the Richmond campus. Students sought her out for counseling while others, like me, gravitated to her as a mentor in the field. Over the years I have remained in touch with her as she has expanded her education and has become a premier expert in the arena of nutrition and well-being. I continue to be impressed with all she has accomplished.

    Dr. Evans has an uncompromising dedication to wellness and is as knowledgeable and earnest as you will find in a health and nutrition professional. I am sure there are countless individuals out there who have also significantly improved the quality of their life because of their interaction with Dr. Evans.

    Melissa Mullett Wolfe, University of Richmond Graduate,
    Entrepreneur, Mother of Four Brilliant and Beautiful Daughters, Elite Athlete